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Sept Highlight: Jayden Perez & From the Bottom of My Heart

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Jason Perez is a 12 year old from New Jersey who looked at the problems he saw around him in the world and decided to do something about them himself.

Quick Facts about Jayden:

  • Jayden's first project began in the aftermath of Hurricane Marie, when he decided to do a toy drive for children in Puerto Rico who were affected by the hurricane - he was able to gather over 1000 toys and traveled to the island to distribute them.

  • He doesn't focus on any particular issue with his charity work, but he follows his heart and the issues he feels most drawn too. His website chronicles nearly 30 projects that he has completed in recent years!

  • When his early projects began to draw media attention, he capitalized on the momentum and founded his nonprofit, From the Bottom of My Heart.

  • The name was inspired by his catchphrase during fundraisers and in videos!

  • The mission of his nonprofit is "to provide toys, clothes, food and necessities to children, families, front line workers and pets around the world affected by hurricane, pandemic, or living in shelters."

  • Jayden's work has been featured in tons of local and national media, including on Good Morning America, and he was a finalist for Time's Kid of the Year!

Learn more about Jayden and From the Bottom of My Heart here!

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