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  • Twiana Armstrong

February Highlight: Naya Ellis, award-winning inventor!

Naya Ellis was recently recognized as a National Stem Challenge Champion! Learn more about her inspirations and invention.

  • Naya is a 9th grader from New Orleans who participates in STEM NOLA

  • She invented a watch that can monitor for signs of a stroke in people who are 55 or older, called WingItt

  • She prioritized making the watch very affordable so that it would be available to the greatest number of people.

  • Naya was inspired to create the device after her grandmother suffered a stroke, but she was already interested in the healthcare category because she has helped take care of other family members.

Learn more about Naya and STEM NOLA here! And check out the National STEM Challenge - maybe you could be a champion next year!

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