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  • Twiana Armstrong

March Highlight: Bryson Bisuna, a "real-life Young Sheldon"

Many people have seen the popular show Young Sheldon, but Bryson Bisuna is living it in real life! Although he doesn't necessarily like the "genius" label, he is a very accomplished 17 year old.

  • Bryson's parents say they noticed how quickly he learned very early in life, and his mother, Rose, even quit her teaching job to make sure he was being challenged enough in school.

  • Bryson started taking college classes when he was 11

  • He was accepted to UC San Diego a few years later, and graduated with a degree in Mathematics-Computer Science at 15!

  • His parents had to take turns accompanying him to class because he was so young.

  • When deciding what to do next, he wanted to go to high school. Although his parents were surprised, he explained he wanted to focus on subjects outside his STEM background and challenge himself in new ways.

  • Bryson likes to do other things, outside academia, and even has a black belt in karate!

  • After high school, Bryson plans to go on to graduate school and hopes to work in the developing field of artificial intelligence.

Learn more about Bryson's amazing story here.

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