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  • Twiana Armstrong

April Highlight: Jada Boo, #autismbeauty

We have an awesome young woman to profile this month, since April is Autism Awareness Month!

  • Jada Boo is a 17-year-old high school student who was recently named Miss Photogenic at the Miss Saraland pagent.

  • While fueling her pagent goals, the win has also given her a platform to share a message she is passionate about and support the autistic community.

  • Jada uses her instagram to show that "autism doesn't have a look" and to remind people not to stereotype or make assumptions about those who have autism.

  • When interviewed about the pagent, she explained "The reason I entered is because I want autistic girls to know that they have a voice"

Learn more about Jada Boo here and follow her future accomplishments at @autismbeauty22 on Instagram!

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