• Twiana Armstrong

November Highlight: Aaliyah Clyburn & Awesomeli You

Aaliyah is a 13 year old inventor and entrepreneur who is tackling the stigma around period products!

Quick Facts about Aaliyah:

  • She developed an innovative new period panty that is leak-proof but also has a heating pad insert to help with pain and discomfort.

  • The invention was inspired while she had her own period and had to run some errands for her mother. Wishing she had a heating pad that she could take with her on the go led to the built-in heating pad design.

  • From New York, she is also an aspiring actress!

  • She has also written a book to help girls learn about their period, called "So You Have Your Period - Let's Talk About It."

  • She is passionate about bringing education to young women about how their bodies work and fighting against period stigma.

Check out her products and book here!

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