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  • Twiana Armstrong

May Highlight: Selina Zhang, Inventor & Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalist

Selina Zhang is an 18 year old high school student from New Jersey, who was recently selected as a finalist in the Regeneron Science Talent Search!

  • The project Selina won with is called ArTreeficial, which is a trap that targets the invasive spotted lanternfly.

  • In order to develop the trap, Selina spent weeks doing field work and research on the spotted lanternfly's habitat and habits.

  • Her invention uses AI learning and a layered electric mesh to lure in the spotted lanternfly and then electrocute them, without harming other insects around the trap. This is a notable improvement from other traps currently used to manage this species!

  • Her invention is even eco-concious and solar powered.

  • Selina said she was inspired by the game Dance Dance Revolution when developing her prototype! Learn more about Selina's invention here, and check out the Regeneron Science Talent Search here!

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