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  • Twiana Armstrong

May Highlight: Elijah Muhammad Jr.

Elijah is a 13-year-old who just made history as the youngest Black student to graduate college with computer science and cybersecurity degrees! These degrees add to a growing list of accolades and honors, which include four diplomas from Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) and ten IBM certifications from Course Era.

Quick Facts about Elijah!

- Elijah made history by becoming Oklahoma's youngest Black college student

- He is currently attending both Oklahoma State University and Langston University working on his bachelor's in cybersecurity and forensics (and has a 4.0 at both schools!)

- He received his degrees from OCCC just one week after his 15-year-old sister, Shania Muhammad, graduated from Langston University with her Bachelor of Arts!

- Elijah is also the founder of a clothing brand, Smart Boy Clothes, and is a three-time state champion wrestler

To read more about Elijah's accomplishments, click here.

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