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  • Twiana Armstrong

May Highlight: Cory Nieves & Mr. Cory's Cookies

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Cory is a 17-year-old entrepreneur and the founder of Mr. Cory Cookies, an all-natural cookie brand!

Quick Facts about Cory Nieves

- Cory first started his business at just six years old. He was tired of taking the bus to school and decided to take matters into his own hands by raising money to buy his family a car.

- His first products were hot cocoa and lemonade, which he sold from a stand in his hometown in New Jersey.

- With his mom's help, they began recipe testing cookies to expand the business, and soon developed a delicious chocolate chip cookie. The cookies were so popular that they quickly expanded to a commercial kitchen.

- He was a contestant on MasterChef Junior.

- As the company grows, they have worked with numerous brands, including Aetna, Barney’s, Bloomingdales, Citibank, J. Crew, Macy’s, Mercedes-Benz, Pottery Barn, Ralph Lauren, TOMS, Viacom, Whole Foods, and Williams-Sonoma. Recently, they have also begun working with Marcus Lemonis, an American businessman, philanthropist, and television personality, as a business partner.

- In the future, Cory plans to go to college and become an investor.

If you are now craving a cookie, you can buy them here!

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