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  • Twiana Armstrong

March Highlight: Bellen Woodard & the More Than Peach Project!

Bellen is now 11 years old and serves as the founder and CEO of the More Than Peach Project, a multi-cultural art brand and crayon company.

Quick facts about the More Than Peach Project:

- The project was started in 2019, when Bellen was just 8 years old.

- She saw the lack of options in her crayon box for creating art that reflected her and called out the problem that only one color was described as "skin color," which did not reflect the true variety of human skin color.

- By taking on this issue, she created a national movement that pressured other major players in the industry to make changes to their own products, and even had a bill passed in her honor by the Virginia General Assembly.

- She now has multiple different products that are available all over the country, including crayons, color pencils, sketchbooks, and stars in a picture book about her project!

Learn more about the project here!

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