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June Highlight: DJ Annie Red

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Samirah Horton is a 13-year-old DJ, public speaker, and anti-bullying advocate who performs under the name DJ Annie Red!

Quick facts about Samirah

  • She was inspired to get into music by her dad, who is also a DJ. She started rapping at just 6 years old!

  • Samirah first became famous for her song “No You Won’t Bully Me” which she wrote at 8 years old in response to being bullied about her voice.

  • The song has now become a book called “The Bully Stop.”

  • She is the resident kid DJ for both Flippers World and the Brooklyn Nets!

  • She also performs at schools to inspire kids to stand up against bullying.

  • She was nominated for Time’s Kid of the Year in 2021 and recently received the President’s Award from President Biden.

  • Samirah uses both her music and her social media presence to inspire kids and show them that they can push for change at any age.

Learn more about Samirah’s work at her website, and check out her music on Soundcloud!

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