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  • Twiana Armstrong

July Highlight: Alena Analeigh & The Brown STEM Girl Foundation

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Alena Analeigh is the youngest black person to ever be accepted into medical school!

Quick Facts about Alena

  • Alena is passionate about promoting black girls to get involved in STEM.

  • She first became famous for being accepted to ASU at just 12 years old!

  • Initially, she pursued a degree in mechanical engineering and wanted to work for NASA. However, a biology class inspired her and instead she decided to go to medical school.

  • She completed 2.5 years of college classes in just one year!

  • Recently, Alena was accepted into medical school at the University of Alabama.

  • She also founded The Brown STEM Girl Foundation, which provides scholarships to encourage other girls to go into STEM fields.

Learn more about available scholarships from TBSG here, and check out an interview with Alena here.

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