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  • Twiana Armstrong

January Highlight: Annabelle's Book Club LA

Annabelle Chang is a 16-year-old book lover and entrepreneur! She is the founder of Annabelle’s Book Club LA.

Quick Facts about Annabelle:

  • She recently opened her first brick-and-mortar bookstore in Los Angeles!

  • She focuses on YA literature and aims to “spark imagination, inspire human connection, and bring joy to people of all ages.”

  • She decided to start the book club because she noticed that YA literature only made up a small portion of the books in many bookstores, despite its popularity.

  • Annabelle fell in love with books and reading at an early age, and now wants to share that love with other young readers.

  • One of her inspirations is her mom, Amanda Brown, the author of Legally Blonde!

Check out Annabelle’s Book Club LA and learn more here!

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