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October Highlight: Gitanjali Rao & Her Inventions

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Gitanjali Rao was Time's first "Kid of the Year" in 2020! She is an inventor and passionate about STEM education.

Quick Facts about Gitanjali

- Currently, she is working on a process to help detect bio-contaminants (things like bacteria or parasites) in water, in order to help make drinking water safer.

- One of her best know projects is an app called Kindly, which helps to detect and prevent cyberbullying.

- She sees science as a way to create a positive impact in the world around her and hopes to invent many other things in order to help people around the world.

- She has even written a book called "A Young Innovator's Guide to STEM."

- Gitanjali has used her recognition as Time's Kid of the Year to become an advocate for STEM education, including speaking engagements, outreach to lawmakers, and workshops for students.

Learn more about Gitanjali here!

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