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  • Twiana Armstrong

February Highlight: Sidney Keys III & Books N Bros

Sidney is a 17-year-old entrepreneur (and now author) who is championing reading and representation in literature!

Quick Facts about Sidney

- Sidney was inspired in his path by a visit to a local Black-owned bookstore as a young boy, where he finally discovered books with characters that looked like and reflected him.

- In order to help more young men have this experience, he founded Books N' Bros, which is a youth-led book club that features African-American literature.

- Their motto is "Cool Bros Read!"

- They also have a subscription box available for kids that don't have a chapter nearby! The boxes have reached over 700 boys around the world.

- Sidney is now an author himself! He has written a book called "Books N Bros: 44 Inspiring Books for Black Boys."

- He has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN, Disney+, and many other places.

Check out the great work Sidney is doing, or see the subscription boxes, here!

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