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  • Twiana Armstrong

December Highlight: Orion Jean's Race to Kindness

Orion Jean is an accomplished public speaker and the Time 2022 Kid of the Year! He founded Race to Kindness to respond to needs in his community.

Quick Facts About Orion:

  • His motto is: "If you see a problem, fix it!"

  • His first race got started after he won a national speech contest focused on kindness. He used his prize money from the contest as funding to buy toys for patients at his local children's hospital.

  • Inspired by his personal ability to spark change, he started the Race to 500 Toys to encourage others in his community to participate.

  • He has since led many other Race to Kindness campaigns, such as collecting 100,000 meals for families in need by partnering with local food banks.

  • One of his other passions is reading, and learning about "book deserts" inspired him to begin his current campain, Race to 500K books. He accomplished the initial goal in a couple of months, but the book donation drive is still going on!

  • He is even an author! Orion wrote a book for other kids called "A Kid's Book About Leadership" all about leading with kindness.

To learn more about Orion's campaigns, or get a copy of his book, check out his website here!

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