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August Highlight: Daisy Hampton & Including You

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Daisy Hampton saw the difficulties her community was facing during the pandemic and decided to take action - so she founded Including You.

Quick Facts about Daisy

  • Her goal in founding the organization was "to create a community of learners, to promote friendship and inclusivity and to help reduce disparities in education and extracurricular experiences for all people."

  • She was inspired to act by noticing how her classmates that faced challenges such as financial insecurity or disability were struggling and the schools were not able to meet their needs.

  • In response, the seventh grader started a GoFundMe drive to raise money so that she could buy computers for students who needed one to participate in virtual learning.

  • Including You started with a peer-to-peer mentoring program that they have now expanded across the country! They also coordinate virtual meet-ups, field trips, and classes where participants can learn new skills.

  • She has also continued to coordinate donation drives to bring laptops and other tech, as well as care packages, to students who need these resources.

  • Daisy has been honored with numerous different awards, including the 2021 Diana Award, a recognition from the Mayor of NYC, a Young Hero's Grantee from the YSA, and a 2020 Youth Impact Award. She even gave a TED talk!

Learn more about Including You, and sign up to be a mentor here!

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